Strange problem with Notes 7 vs. Domino 5

Back from Lotusphere with a bunch of new knowledge and new contacts. Back to the regular routine with development and support.

Well, not exactly. We ran into an interesting problem this week, affecting application performance.

We currently mostly run Notes 5.0.12 clients, but have a handful users that are on 7.0.2.

Our Domino servers run a couple of different versions. 5.0.8, 5.0.12, one 6.0 and (since a few weeks) one 7.0.2 server. The new 7.0.2 server is on a faster/newer box, so we can now run the full database, not a filtered replica.

So here is the layout:

* DomApp1 is running 5.0.12, having a full replica of the database.

* Dallas is running 7.0.2, having a filtered replica containing Dallas and Little Rock documents.

What we then found was that certain operations were much slower when performed by a Notes 7 client against the Notes 5 server DomApp1 than if a Notes 5.0.12 client is being used agianst the same server. If we use a 7.0.2 client or a 5.0.12 client against the 7.0.2 server, there is no problem.

I was running TeamStudio profiler, and the calls that took much longer were:

Call templatedoc.ComputeWithForm(False,True)

success = templatedoc.RenderToRTitem(rtitem)

What the code does is looping through a collection of documents, building a template document for each processed document and populating fields in it, then rendering it into a "container" document with just one rich text field. See for an example.


Anyone seen this behaviour before? Network compression is not turned on, as far as I know.


Of course, Lotus does not support Notes/Domino 5 anymore. Management at my current workplace does not believe in upgrading, for some reason…


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