Ernst & Young moving 150,000 users from Notes to Exchange

Update: As the article (swedish only) now has been published, I am re-publishing this blog entry.

At least that is what is indicated if you look at Neil Langston's profile at LinkedIn…

Supposedly it is a mail-only migration (according to my source), they will keep their Notes/Domino applications. So the end result is just the purchase of new servers and additional licenses being paid to Microsoft. I am sure Microsoft will spin this as a win for them and a loss for IBM, but I don't see IBM losing any money. If Ernst & Young is paying maintenance today, they will most probably continue to do that for a while, thus IBM will see pretty much the same revenue stream (minus a few mail-only servers, perhaps). If Ernst & Young are not on maintenance, IBM is already not getting any revenue, so no different there either.

Neil Langston LinkedIn profile


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