SIUED – MyDefrag

MyDefrag_LogoI may not use MyDefrag every day, but almost daily, so I place it in the category "Stuff I Use Every Day". I use it at work, at home and I also install this small and free program on every computer I build/rebuild for my friends.

As the name indicate, it is a harddisk defragmentation program. It is, like most other free and commercial defragmentation programs, using the Windows defragmentation API, so it should be quite safe.

The program is simple to you. It comes with a number of scripts that are sufficient for most users, but the advanced user can write his/her own scripts.The user interface is minimalistic as well. You select the kind of defragmentation you want and then select one or more drives to process:


The screen displaying the progress of the defragmentation is simple. You can hover over files and see their names and what part of the harddisk they occupy. You can also zoom in and out, making it easier to see the files.


In short, a very capable and easy to use free program.


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