Karl-Henry Martinsson
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16 year Lotus Notes/Domino developer with strong web skills (17+ years of HTML coding), as well as skilled in Visual Basic/VBA, Javascript (including YUI and jQuery) and other programming languages. In addition I have a background as technical support engineer at Microsoft, as well as journalism/technical writing.

IBM Certified Advance Applications Developer Lotus Notes and Domino 6.0/6.5, attended every Lotusphere since 1997. Also published articles in several publications, including The View, Infoworld, Computer Sweden, InternetWorld (Swedish edition) and more.


Deep South, Irving, TX
05/2002 to present
Title: Sr. Lotus Notes Developer.
Responsible for design and development (sole developer) of a Notes-based claim system to process insurance claims across ten (later five) branch offices. Co-designed and implemented data exchange between Lotus Notes and the Visual FoxPro using COM and XML.
Developed a number of custom applications, and improved existing applications and workflows, e.g. graphics processing before photos were uploaded to the server, thus reducing the image size dramatically. Worked on integrating Notes with several other systems, including (but not limited to) web services, REST, Ajax and COM, created feeds in RSS, KML and iCalendar formats to be consumed by different systems, and much more.
Created a web based knowledge base for the users, wrote documentation, developed a intranet portal for the employees, as well as a number of other applications.
Aiding the administrator/operations manager in the migration from Notes/Domino 4.6 to Notes/Domino 5 and from Notes/Domino 5 to Notes/Domino 7 and later to 8.5.
International Data Group, Boston, MA
01/1998 to 04/2002
Title: Sr. Lotus Notes Developer
Responsible for maintenance and improvements of existing databases, as well as developing new applications, e.g. a helpdesk/support database for the users to submit IT problems.
Redesigned the main Domino-based intranet website/application used by thousands of IDG journalists across the world to access articles from other IDG publications. Developed a Domino-based public website for PC World Latinamerica.
Also developed an Excel-based solution to file expense reimbursements, as well as many other applications in Lotus Notes.
Computer Sweden/International Data Group, Stockholm, Sweden
02/1993 to 12/1997
Title: Journalist/Test Editor
Covered the PC hardware and software industry for the most influential Swedish IT publication, the Swedish edition of Infoworld/ComputerWorld. Responsible for testing hardware and software on a weekly basis, as well as writing news stories and covering trade shows, analyzing future trends and evaluating new technologies and products.
Developed in-house applications, e.g. a Word-based web publishing and desktop publishing system that made it possible for journalists to file the story to the website with one click, as well as sending the article to the desk editors (converting the file into Quark Express format at the same time). Designed and coded the first website for the publication in 1994.
Also developed a Domino-based article archive of all historical articles, as well as development of a customized Notes-based editorial system to control the workflow of articles, including web publishing.
Esselte Voice/Voice Equipment AB, Stockholm, Sweden
01/1991 to 11/1992
Title: Audiotex Engineer/Developer
Developed voice-response applications for the customers based on their requirement. Record and edit voice prompts if needed. Maintained applications and systems and perform weekly collection and analysis of statistics of incoming calls.
Swedish Air Force (F16/SeM), Uppsala, Sweden
04/1990 to 03/1991
Title: Squad Leader (Sgt/OR5)
Mandatory military service (11 months), including training in the operation and maintenance of heavy trucks and other equipment, runway maintenance. Also received training in NBC warfare, weapons and explosives as well as NCO training to reach the (equivalent) rank of Sergeant/OR5.
Microsoft AB, Kista, Sweden
09/1988 to 03/1990
Title: Support Engineer
Providing technical support on all Microsoft software. Analyzing the problem and evaluating if the issue had to be escalated to a product specialist, otherwise solve it and document the problem for internal statistics.
Spånga Gymnasium, Kista, Sweden
01/1990 to 03/1990
Title: Substitute Teacher
Teaching a class of 20-25 students subjects like Unix (HP-UX), the C programming language, english language and data communication (modems, networking, etc).


Bandhagens Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden
Graduation: 12/1989
Systems Programming/Computer Sciences class, focusing on C, Pascal and the Unix operating system, as well as MS/PC-DOS and a wide variety of programs/frameworks/tools, e.g. dBase, Cobol, Assembler, OS/2, Windows and networking.
Hersby Skola, Lidingö, Sweden
Graduation: 06/1988
“Natural Science” program (majors: math, physics, chemistry and biology), also including Computer Sciences and programming. President of the Computer Club two years in a row.


  • Lotus Notes and Domino 4.5, 4.6, 5.0, 6.x, 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5
  • Lotusscript and Notes formula language, some basic Xpages
  • Visual Basic/VBA/COMLotus Domino administration (mainly Domino 5.0, 7.0 and 8.5 but also some 9.0)
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, Ajax, YUI, jQuery, RSS, XML and other web technologies
  • Graphics editing and optimization, as well as many other web-related skills
  • Microsoft Office family of products (all versions, including Excel 2.x and Word for DOS)
  • Experience in a number of operating systems, including all version of Windows since version 2.03, MS-DOS 3.2 and later, CP/M, OS/2, Linux (mainly Ubuntu) and other UNIX dialects
  • Skills using PhotoShop CS2. Picture Publisher, Lotus Symphony/OpenOffice and many other tools and programs
  • Multiligual – English, Swedish, German, Danish and Norwegian
  • Experience in many other development tools, e.g. Delphi, Turbo Pascal, MS C/QuickC/TurboC, Excel macro language and WordBasic (pre-VBA). Some Java knowledge.
  • Analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Technical writing and teaching
  • Journalism/media, blogger since 2008

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