I created my first personal website in 1995, as I was learning HTML, and I was hosting it on my computer at my workplace. You can see an archived copy of it to the right. Over the years I created a couple of different variants of it, as I learned new web technologies.

In 2010 I started a complete rebuild of my personal site, building it from the ground up using IBM’s collaboration platform Domino. Since I worked as a Domino developer, it was natural for me to choose this platform. The CMS was created from scratch, and while the CMS itself may not have been very user friendly (as I only created it for my own use), it let me easily populate the website with contents.

As I was known as TexasSwede, at this time I also registered the domain texasswede.com and designed a matching logo.

In 2012 I used the then newly released Bootstrap 2.x to revamp the look of the site. With the exception of upgrading to Bootstrap 3.x in 2014, the site has not changed very much. Naturally I have added (and updated) pages over the years, but a majority of the content was created for either the initial version or during the redesigns in 2012 and 2014.

In 2008 I started blogging. Initially my blog was hosted on IBM Connections by Lotus911 (which later became GBS) but in 2012 I switched platform to WordPress, which I have been using ever since.

In 2022 I moved the blog from its old home to a new WordPress host, mainly to consolidate a number of sites into one hosting account to save some cost. At that same time, I decided to also move my personal website over to WordPress. Since I already used that platform for my business, as well as a couple of personal sites, it made sense to consolidate everything. I also used this as an opportunity to clean up this site and update some of the content. Due to my obligations at work and at home, this migration and cleanup is, as of April 2023, still in progress.

Enjoy your visit!