The Lord of The Rings (Extended Edition) and Star Wars coming on Blu-ray

A couple of interesting Blu-ray are scheduled for this fall.

The Lord of The Rings Extended Edition will be released on June 28. The three movies are probably my favourites. However, it seems like there are really not many extras compared to the DVD Extended Collectors Edition I already own on DVD, so the only reason to purchase this set would be for the picture quality.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga is scheduled to be released on September 16. The box will include all six movies (Episode I-VI). There are a lot of complaints already, as the number of extras and bonus material is considered less than satisfactory by many fans.

I have said for a long time that when The Lord of The Rings is released on Blu-ray, that's when I will update my system at home from DVD to Blu-ray. I might do it this fall anyway, but I am not as eager as before. Perhaps I should wait for The Hobbit to be released, I am sure we will see a new box released by then…



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