Strange problem with views

I been having a strange problem with a particular view in one of my Notes applications.
The view displays main documents andchild (response)documents.
The problem is thatthe child documents are not sorting correctly, as you can see in the following screenshot:

The child documents are created using several different forms, and I have a hidden column in the view intended to sort the documents in a particular order based on the form.

The first column isjust displaying the claim number (09PSITXnnnnnnn, etc). It is sorted but not categorized. It is set to show a twistie when expandable. The column is very narrow, so it will only show the custom twistie I am using.
image image 

The second column is the one I use for sorting. The column formula is as follows:
@If(Form="Coverage Verification";1; Form="QuickStrikeSheet";2; Form="Expense Sheet";3; Form="Attachments";4; Form="Time Sheet";5; Form="Legal Summary";6; Form="Diary";7; Form="Log";8; Form="Negotiation Summary";9; Form="LargeLossNoticeReport";10;@Left(Form;4)="frm_";11;@Left(Form;10)="MailMerged";12;99 );
The column is hidden and sorted ascending.

The next column is where I display the actual titles/descriptions of the response documents. The column is not sorted in any way, and the column formula is as follows:
@If(Form="LargeLossNoticeReport";"Investigative Summary"; Form="Coverage Verification";"Coverage info"; Form="Time Sheet";"Time sheet/Activity Notes"; Form="Legal Summary";"Legal Summary – " + LegalStatus; Form="Attachments";"Attachments"; Form="QuickStrikeSheet" ;"ClaimCare summary"; Form="Expense Sheet" ;"Financial transactions"; Form="Negotiation Summary";"Negotiation Specialist summary"; Form="Log";"Log";Form="Diary";"Diary";@Left(Form;4)="frm_"; FormTitle; Form="MailMergedEmail";"’" + Subject + "’ sent to " + sendto+" on " + @Text(@Date(@Created)) + " at " + @Text(@Time(@Created)); Form="MailMergedFaxed"; "’" + Subject + "’ faxed to " + sendto+" on " + @Text(@Date(@Created)) + " at " + @Text(@Time(@Created)); Form="MailMergedDoc";"’"+Subject + "’ mailed on " + @Text(@Date(@Created));"*** error ***")

Following this column I have a handful more, but they are all for the main document, showing additional info, creating the colored background based on status, etc.
Below is the design, with the non-sortable view selected.

It seems like the response documents are being displayed in some other sort order. It does not seem to be consistent with the order they are created, though.
Anyone can figure this out? I am using Domino Designer 7.0.2.
Please mail me at if you can’t comment here.
I would have asked the question on twitter or used SameTime and the BleedYellow community server, but my network admin is blocking pretty much everything. Especially twitter, as he think the only use for twitter is to see what Ashton Kutcher is doing…

Update: If I move the hidden sortedcolumn to the left, before the categorized column, the sorting is correct but then the users can’t jump quickly to a particular claim number by doing a view search (just start typing in a claim number). 

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