Project Vulcan – my thoughts

As everybody else that attended Lotusphereback in January, I heard about Project Vulcan. Ever since, I have been trying toget my head around it. So many others have beebn writing about it, that it almost does not seem like another post would make a big difference. But here are my thoughts. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, if so forgive me.
Last year, I believe duing IamLUG, I heard someone (I forgot who) saying that the reason the Workspace inthe Notes client was not developed any further was because Lotus was working on "a totally new, HTML5 based Workspace". Obviously this was a reference to Project Vulcan. based on this, and the information released at Lotusphere, I do not think Vulkan is a totally new interface, but (at least initially) a replacement for the Workspace. Instead of the database icons (Chiclets, sometimes written "Chicklets"), a Facebook-like feed seems to be planned. I think that makes sense in some companies, but I believe it is important that users have quick access to the applications from a desktop-like location. At my company, at least 90 percent of the users use the Workspace exclusively.
Personally, I think a new interface need to contain some familiar elements. It is great to get a built-in feed, but there must be an easy way to get to the applications. I am sure Mary Beth Raven and the rest of the design team will do a great job, though. I am looking forward to see some more design ideas for Project Vulcan.


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