Being a soccer dad

My son, Erik, has taken up soccer (or football as it is known in the world outside the United States) this year. After 5 years of playing baseball, I am happy that he choose a sport where he get to move more. At first he wanted to try football (the American version, where they hold the oval shaped "ball" and run, wearing heavy padding), but his mom was not too thrilled about that. Erik quickly changed his mind and wanted to do soccer instead, as heliked watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament.He loves playing soccer, andalso likesto go to the home games of FC Dallas.

His team lost the first 3 games, but won the fourth one last Sunday and tied the fifth one this past Thursday. As he and his mom lives over an hour away, I was not able to attend the first couple of games, but I went last weekend and brought my camera. I ended up taking quite a few pictures and here are a couple, mostly of Erik (number 10), I wanted to share.


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