Tip of the Week: Open a Hidden View in Notes

Earlier today I talked to someone who needed to delete a large number of ToDo entries in his mail file. I suggested to use either Ytria scanEZ or Martin-Scott NoteMan. As he did not have those tools installed on the machine he was working op, he thought about creating a hidden view and simple delete the documents from there.

When he opened up the design, he found a hidden view that would work, but he did not remember how to open it in the Notes client. I use this all the time, as I have several views I use for support or debug purposes, so I could tell him how to do it. I wanted to share that with everyone else, in case someone else need to do this and don't remember.

imageOpen the database and go to any view. This is important, if you are not in a view, you don't have the correct menu items. Then hold down Ctrl-Shift and select "View" and "Go To…". This will open a dialog box that will display all views, including the hidden ones (in parenthesis). Now you can release the Ctrl-Shift keys and select the view.

That's it.

By the way, I highly recommend the tools mentioned above.
NoteMan is just $395 for the whole suite. Any developer not using it should go get it. I blogged about the tool back in October 2010.
Ytria scanEZ is more, they don't post the price on their site but if I remember correctly it is something like $595. I use several of their tools, and they are really helping me keep a consistent look-and-feel to my applications. I mentioned the tools back in April 2010.
Both companies are usually represented at Lotusphere, so make sure you drop by their booths and get a demo.



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  1. Tim

    Or… if the database/app doesn’t use navigators and hasn’t been opened already, from the client desktop, hold down ctrl-shift and double-click to open the database.

  2. Sergio Soares

    Wow this is a very nice tip … I usually had to hold down Ctrl-Shift-Alt and then click on the database icon to open the database and then finally appears the hidden view, and the most important, this worked only in a Windows machine, and since I have a Mac I never get that, but using your tip now I can open in Mac too, thanks a lot, that really helps.

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