I survived Monday

 Busy day. Opening General Session with secret host Bob Costas (as a non-american and non-sportsnut, I had no clue who he was, but he was good and entertaining). Plenty of news, quite a bit Linux related, even if they "forgot" to mention that Lotus Foundations is running on Linux. 🙂

Other news were Connections 2.0, Quickr 8.1 and of course (as expected) Notes 8.01 and 8.5. I still can’t decide if I like the new Eclipse-based Designer… But Xpages are really cool!

After the session I met a German collegue, Michael Wagner, and we walked thorugh the showcase. We ended up with a couple of shirts and assorted stuff, including blue tea cups(!) and yellow luggage tags… Some baseball caps and t-shirts were also added to the collections.

A friend of mine, who have been reading my and other blogs here, messaged me during the day and wanted me to check if Scott was single… (I checked, he is not, sorry).


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