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Anyone who has been in the Notes/Domino community for some time knows Nathan T Freeman, also known as NTF. He was one of the founders of OpenNTF back in 2001, and has been blogging and presenting on Notes and Domino related subjects for many years. I have learned a lot from him over the years.

Nathan T Freeman (center) at ConnectED 2015.

Nathan has always been a very colorful person in the community. I just found out that Nathan is having some serious health issues. His wife Lisa created a GoFundMe to get some help with the medical cost. If you have ever benefitted from something Nathan wrote on his blog or talked about at one of his many presentations over the years, or if you used OpenNTF as a source for code, consider donating to help Nathan and Lisa.

Update on 04/11/2021 by Bob Kadrie: “Nathan was readmitted to the hospital today with unstable vitals, including low blood pressure and oxygen. His heartbeat is also unstable, so they cannot transport him to a larger hospital that may be better equipped to treat him at this point. His doctors are now saying he most likely has a week or less to live.”

Update 2 on 04/12/2021 by Bob Kadrie: “Nathan has was moved to a larger hospital earlier Sunday evening in order to receive more specialized care. Once he was examined, it was determined he was experiencing complete organ failure.
He was then given Fentanyl and placed in a medically induced coma to make him comfortable,
Nathan just passed with his family by his side. He was an incredibly dedicated husband and father. He was also generous, funny. and the best intellectual sparring partner I’ve ever had.
He touched a lot of people in his short time here. He will be missed by many.
Please continue your generous donations in order to assist his family with the massive medical expenses they’ve incurred and in their transition during the days ahead.
Thank you all for bringing a little security to Lisa, Lillian, Meta, Axiom, and Ira Belle. Sandy and I are so sorry for everyone’s loss.”

The GoFundMe goal has been increased, to help Lisa and the children. They will need all the support they can get.

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  1. Palmi Lord

    I thoughts and prays goes to Nathan and Lisa , , Gofund me = Check , Thanks Karl for posting this.

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