Calling a Notes web agent from another server using JSONP

In my MWLUG presentation (as well as in a couple of entries on this blog) I talk about how you can access Domino data from a regular webpage using jQuery and a Lotusscript agent returning data as JSON. The issue with this solution is that the web page must be on the same web application path as the Domino agent. You can’t do what’s known as cross-domain Ajax.

For example if the Domino server is but you have the webpage hosted at, it will not work. The security in Javascript does not allow calls across servers like that. There is however an easy solution, and it is called JSONP. What you do is to return not JSON but a call-back function with the JSON data as the argument.

So instead of returning this:

{ "firstName":"Karl-Henry", "lastname":"Martinsson","email":"" }

you would have the Lotuscript agent return this:

personCallBack({ "firstName":"Karl-Henry", "lastname":"Martinsson","email":"" })

Let’s assume we call the agent GetPersonData.jsonp.  On the calling side (in the jQuery code) you would then use this code:

    url : "",

Finally you write the Javascript call-back function that will accept the data:

function personCallBack(data) {

You can of course make this as advanced as you like but this is the basics. I have updated the JSON class I use for stuff like this to include a method to return JSONP. The new function is called SendJSONPToBrowser() and takes a string with the name of the call-back function as argument, for example like this:

Call json.SendJSONPToBrowser("personCallBack")

Below is the updated class (if you downloaded my sample database from MWLUG you have the older version of it). Enjoy!


	Library Class.JSON by Karl-Henry Martinsson
	Created Oct 9, 2014 - Initial version
	Updated Nov 6, 2015 - Added JSONP support
	Description: Class to generate simple JSON from values

Option Public
Option Declare

Class JSONdata
	Private p_json List As String
	Public Sub New()
		'*** Set default value(s)
		me.p_json("ajaxstatus") = ""
	End Sub
		Property Set success
		Description: Set success to true or false
	Public Property Set success As Boolean
		If me.success Then 
			Call me.SetValue("ajaxstatus","success")
			Call me.SetValue("ajaxstatus","error")
		End If
	End Property
		Property Get success
		Description: Not really used...
	Public Property Get success As Boolean
		If me.p_json("ajaxstatus") = |"success"| Then
			me.success = True
			me.success = False
		End If
	End Property
		Sub SetMsg
		Description: Set msg item
	Public Sub SetMsg(message As String)
		Call me.SetValue("msg",message)
	End Sub
	Public Sub SetErrorMsg(message As String)
		Call me.SetValue("errormsg",message)
		me.success = False
	End Sub
	Public Sub SetValue(itemname As String, value As String)
		Dim tmp As String
		Dim delimiter As String
		'*** Check for quote (double and single) and fix value if needed
		tmp = Replace(value,Chr$(13),"<br>")
		tmp = FullTrim(Replace(tmp,Chr$(10),""))
		If InStr(tmp,|"|)>0 Then
			If InStr(tmp,|'|)>0 Then
				tmp = Replace(tmp,|"|,|"|)
				delimiter = |"|
				delimiter = |'|
			End If
			delimiter = |"|
		End If
		'*** Store value with delimiter in list
		me.p_json(itemname) = delimiter & tmp & delimiter
	End Sub
	Public Sub SetData(itemname As String, value As String)
		'*** Store value in list
		me.p_json(itemname) = value
	End Sub
		Function GetJSON
		Description: Return a JSON object as text
	Function GetJSON As String
		Dim json As String
		'*** Opening curly braces + CR
		json = "{" + Chr$(13)
		'*** Loop through all list elements and build JSON
		ForAll j In me.p_json
			json = json + |"| + ListTag(j) + |":| + j + "," + Chr$(13)
		End ForAll
		'*** Remove the comma after the last item
		json = Left$(json,Len(json)-2) + Chr$(13)
		'*** Add closing curly bracket and return JSON
		json = json + "}"
		GetJSON = json 
	End Function
		Sub SendToBrowser
		Description: Print JSON to browser, with correct MIME type
	Public Sub SendToBrowser()
		'*** MIME Header to tell browser what kind of data we will return (JSON).
		'*** See
		Print "content-type: application/json"
		Print me.GetJSON
	End Sub
		Sub SendJSONPToBrowser
		Description: Print JSON to browser, with correct MIME type
	Public Sub SendJSONPToBrowser(callbackFunction As String)
		'*** MIME Header to tell browser what kind of data we will return (Javascript).
		'*** See
		Print "content-type: application/javascript"
		Print callbackFunction + "(" + me.GetJSON + ")"
	End Sub
End Class


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