Notes client performance

Watch the two screencam videos linked below. They are each about 10-15 seconds long.

Exactly the same code, running on the same computer, against the same server.

I am able to reproduce the results are reproduced every time I test.

Notes 5.0.12 

Notes 7.0.2

I don’t have Notes 8.x on this system, as our plans currently are to eventually move all our users to Notes 7…
And I don’t see Notes 8.x being deployed in a near future here.

Update: I just used TeamStudio Profiler to time the process. In Notes 5 it took 3.8 seconds, in Notes 7 it took 0.8 seconds. The main difference was in calling a db.GetView(). I then wrote some code that just call that function 8 times, each time to a different view. It took 2.4 seconds in Notes 5 and 0.17 seconds in Notes 7, again according to Profiler.


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