Samsung Galaxy S3 to be announced May 3

After weeks of speculations, it seems like Samsung will unveil their latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, at an event in London om May 3 called "Samsung Mobile Unpacked". Invitations have been sent out to media and a website with a teaser video is now available.

Samsung also released an app for the Unpacked event, where there is a reference to "Samsung Galaxy S3". The predecessor is of course Samsung Galaxy S II (with roman numerals), and there have been some discussions if Samsung will change the numbering from roman to latin numbers. Initially the phone was just referenced as "The Next Galaxy", leading some to speculate in Samsung doing like Apple and dropping the number from the name.

I guess we will see in 9 days. Then the specifications will be official as well. But rumors are talking about a quad-core processor (everything between 1.4 and 2.8GHz have been mentioned), a 4.6" to 4.8" screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixel (but a 1920×1080 screen has also been mentioned), 16GB or 32GB memory, 8-12MP camera, and possible a ceramic body.



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