How IBM could make my life a little easier

Dear IBM,

I like that I now can use database icons with more than 16 fixed colors. I have updated pretty much all our applications (or is it called databases again?) with new and modern looking icons. The users likes it too.

However, with the old icon editor,it was easy to use the flood-fill tool to add a (in my case red) background to all templates. This made it very easy to differentiate between applications and templates. There is no option like that when I use the new database icons, I have to make a second icon in Photoshop and manually re-color it.

Why not add some kind of indicator to the application icon, to show that it is a template?  Below is my attempt to design something.  You see the red indicator that it is a template, you see the version number of the template and the server at the bottom is alwasy visible, as it is in a section of it's own.

Template Indicator in Lotus Notes Domino

As you see above, I use version numbers on my templates. Would it be too much to ask for a version number property and have the version number displayed on at least the template icon, like I have in my image above?
The version number should be transferred over to the application at design refresh time. The build number could be automatically updated when a "Recompile All Lotusscript" is performed, or automatically when any design element is modified and the build number has not been updated the same day already. A fully manual option shold also be available. How the build number gets updated should be an option in the settings for Domino Designer.

Of course, you need to create a way to access the version number programatically. Something like this:

 Dim version as NotesVersionNumberSet version = db.VersionNumberPrint version.Major ' Returns 1 Print version.Minor ' Returns 3 Print version.Revision ' Returns 0 Print version.Build ' Returns 1234 Print version.FullVersion ' Returns "" 

A formula function like @AppVersionNumber would be nice as well.


Thank you,

Your friend Karl-Henry



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