Happy 25th birthday, Lotus Notes!


Today is the 25th birthday of Lotus Notes. It is the program responsible for me moving to the US, as well as being my career for the last close to 18 years.
So, as you can see in the picture above, I am toasting this amazing software in IBM blue colors, courtesy of Curaçao Blue.


Happy birthday, Lotus Notes!

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  1. Mats

    Congrats Lotus Notes!

    Wow, how times fly by!
    Really cool you got that Release 1.0 pic. Can’t remember seeing that one before.
    By the way, that OK button made me remember how we created a 3D effect on our own VGA buttons (using c): lighter lines at two sides, darker lines at the other two sides Redraw for button press. Heck, we were ahead of many back then with that design! 😀

    Här på andra sidan pölen är det annars typiskt grå-dassigt, mörkt sen-höst väder. Lite sol (och/eller snö) vore inte fel nu. Ha det gott!

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