IBM Connect becomes IBM ConnectED in 2015

IBM has announced the new name for the yearly conference in Orlando, the one most of us know (and still call) Lotusphere. For the last two years it was named Connect, and for 2015 IBM again changes the name, this time to ConnectED. The conference will be more technical than the last few years, according to IBM:

In 2015, IBM Connect will transform into an even more in-depth technical event,
“IBM ConnectED” that provides the deep “nuts and bolts” technical experience that is so important to our long-standing technical community.

Specifically designed for technologists of all levels, including CIOs, IT managers and practitioners, this new event will offer deep-dive technical sessions, demos, labs and roundtables, access to IBM technical experts, and more.

The IBM ConnectED 2015 website.
The IBM ConnectED 2015 website.

I also want to share what John Head wrote about his thoughts from the IBM Digital Experience conference.

About 700 people here, and 85% of the sessions are technical. (…) The best conference keynote I have seen in years. I hope that IBM reviews the feedback for the session and applies it to future ones. I know, the Connect OGS’s have had to speak to the press and analysts that are there – and there is no press or analysts here. But what a stark difference. And in the best of ways.

I hope IBM take a good look at the ConnectED Opening General Session and make some changes, now when the conference will cater more to the technical crowd. And if the ConnectED planners read this, please have the party at the new Harry Potter Diagon Alley park this year. 🙂



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  1. Ray Bilyk

    I still get the feeling that this will be the last year in Florida…

    1. Me too. I think it was 2006 they said that they had renewed with Disney for nine more years, until 2015. So my guess is that next one will be Lotusphere.Last and that Connect.Next will be in Vegas or some other place. I hope not, the social aspect would be lost in Las Vegas.

      1. Terry Boyd

        At least if they move it to ‘Lost Vegas’, it’ll be a little easier for us Aussies to get there! I don’t think the social aspect of Lotusphere will ever be lost Karl – Just transposed to a different location is all. I would LOVE to see where they take us for the annual party night though!

  2. T Carpenter

    Karl, Lotus/IBM used to host DevCon in Vegas every year and I am still in contact with many Loti and friends that attended back in the day. I will miss the current location though, as it combined two of my favorite items, Disney and Lotusphere.

    1. I went to DevCon in Las Vegas the last year they had it, 2001 I think it was (have the t-shirt somewhere at home). Before that there were two DevCon in San Francisco, I think…
      The “closing party” at DevCon was at GameWorks, getting a drink or two and playing arcade games for an hour, if I remember correctly. Not that excitig, to be honest. I don’t remember much socializing outside teh sessions, but I was really not in the Yellowbubble at that time.

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