Four weeks with (almost) no soda!

Four weeks ago I stopped drinking soda. It has been almost six years since I stopped drinking regular soda (mainly Coca-Cola) and switched to diet drinks, but about a month ago I decided I would try to cut them out altogether. I still needed my caffeine, so I started drinking more (hot) tea, as well as found someCrystal Lightand similar powder with caffeine that I could put in my water bottles.

I have now managed to avoid any kind of soda for four weeks. The only one I had was one can of diet Coke last Sunday, when a friend of mine invited me and my son out onthe lake forlabor day.I also had a few beer during the four weeks, but never more than two in one evening. And Guinness is actuallyless badthan regular beer. 🙂

I have not lost much weight the last 2-3 weeks, I am hovering just below 220 lbs (98kg), but I am going to the gym 4-5 days/week and hopefully I am building muscle mass, and that is why I don’t lose anything right now.


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