Getting ready for Lotusphere

Like so many other in the Yellowverse, I am getting ready to leave for Orlando. A couple of more days, and I will be on the airplane heading to (hopefully) sunny Orlando again.
My schedule is still up in the air a bit, I know that Monday and Tuesday there are probably some interviews and meetings scheduled for me by IBM, and I will not know about them untilI check in.
Except for the obvious sessions (OGS, Gurupaloza, Beat the Developers and CGS), there are a couple of sessions I want to push for. They are high on my priority list as well,a nd I hope I have time to go to all of them.
SHOW112 – How to Build an XPages Application from Start to Finish Tim Clark and Matt White
JMP102 – The Top Things All New IBM Lotus Domino Developers Need To Know Thomas Duff and Kathy Brown
JMP106 – "Kum Bah Yah" Meets "Let’s Kick Butt" John Head and Alex Kassabov
BP108 – Worst Practices 4.0: "Orlando, We Have a Problem" Paul Mooney and Bill Buchan
BP114 – IBM Lotus Domino Server & Application Performance in the Real World Andrew Pollack
BP202 – There´s No Fixing Ugly: How to Make a Great First Impression with Your Applications Scott Good
BP205 – "I’m a Programmer Not a Firefighter!": The Low Maintenance "Notes Shop". Timothy Paque and Bruce Elgort
BP210 – The Great Code Giveaway 9: Never Gonna Let You Down Rob Novak and Viktor Krantz
I am not a new Domino developer, but I still hope to be able to pick up a few new tips and tricks fromDuffbert and Kathy. This is Kathy’s first LS presentation so sheneed some friendly faces in the audience.I want to see if she live-twitter during her presentation orif she can survive without twittering for an hour. 🙂
Last year I submitted a suggestion for a similar session, and I am very happy to see this session at Lotusphere this year. I think that is important to get new developers interested in the platform, and give them tips and pointers. So great job, IBM!
See you in Orlando!


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