Birthday Cake – Swedish Style

I wanted to share the recipe for the cake I made this weekend. It is very easy to make, and tastes great.

Mix 6 eggs and 3dl (a little over over 1 cup) of sugar, beet it until fluffy.
Mix 1.5 dl (9 tablespoons) flour and 1.5 dl corn starch (potato flour in Europe) in a bowl, add 3 tablespooons of baking powder and mix well. Fold this into the egg/sugar mix, stir gently until the batter is smooth.
Cover the inside of a baking pan with butter and then breadcrumbs. Pour in the batter and place in the lower part of the oven. Bake for 40 minutes in 325 degrees F (175 degrees C).
When done, turn it upside down on a cooling rack, let it cool down for a few monutes before attempting to remove the baking pan.

Slice through the cake twice so you get 3 equally think slices. On top of the first one, spead a jam, for example blueberry jam. Pend the extra $2 and get the best one you can get, low in sugar and high in fruit. If you have an IKEA nearby, theu got several good jams to choose from. On top of the jam, put a 1/2 inch thick layer of vanilla creme. I make it from Vanilla Sauce powder from Sweden, but here is a way to make it yourself. You can add some fresh fruit here, if you like. Why not fresh blueberries, to complement the jam?

Put the next layer of cake on top of the vanilla creme, then add another filling. I often mash 2 bananas and mix with whipped creme. Make sure the creme is nice and thick, it should be solid, not runny or soft. You can add fruit in here too, if you like. Perhaps chunks of fresh strawberries, they go well with teh bananas and creme. Add the last layer of cake, cover the whole thing with more whipped creme and decorate with fruit. Strawberries, rasberries, blackberries. Or why not go for a "mushroom cake", cut bananas in about 1.5 inch long pieces and place them standing up on top of the cake. Drain a can of apricots and put them on top of the bananas like mushrooms.




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  1. Tanya

    You had a slightly different recipe on your web page that I cannot access. Would you be able to share that please.

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