Diary of a Lotusphere Widow: Day -2

My beloved is a “…” Lotusphere Geek. I can admit that. its not like he has some infectious”…” diseas”…”

Get this -the man spent all night adjusting a QR code to ensure it was *perfect*. While I have no issue with that, I was somehow dragged into this pentacostal glossolalia ?through his chirping utterances about a Harry Potter theme park, the sound of the elevator at some place called "The Dolphin," and something about a very brilliant turtle. Confusion abounds, but this must be a very advanced cult to have a talking turtle.

So we´re lying in bed”…”


Yea, I thought about what you´re thinking about too. We started kissing and cuddling. He´s smiling and he´s happy. I think the hyper-frenzy is over and I might get my Lotus Geek back to his normal geekiness. So he´s holding me, stroking my hair and suddenly, he breaks the silence by saying, "I´m walking through the lobby”…” Ding.. Going up”…” Ding.. Going Down.."

He´s visualizing walking through the hotel and riding the elevator up and down.


Good night, Lotus Geek. You´re one of a kind. [consequently, IBM, you owe me a ticket next year. Last night was rough, but more importantly I really have to check out this talking turtle].

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