Submersion test of Blackberry Bold

Yesterday something happened that never happened to me before.
I have always been laughing at people who drop their phones in the toilet. I been using cell phones since about 1993, and yesterday it happened to me for the first time. I had been at the pool, had some sunscreen left on my hands, walked into the bathroom to do something while I checked my mail, and the phone slipped, and plopped down in the toilet which conveniently had the lid up. Yes, I am a male, and living alone…

In about 3 seconds I had the phone up again (probably some of the longest 3 seconds in my life). I quickly dried off the excess water and pulled the battery, probably within 5-6 seconds. Took out the SIM card, MicroSD menory card and used some compressed air to clean it out as much as I could. I then put the open phone on top of my Antec Nine Hundred case (highly recommended, by the way!) with a big 200mm exhaust fan which is sending warm air out of the case. I left it there overnight to dry out.

This morning I put the battery in and the phone started up fine! The screen have some discoloration where water got in between the glass and the LCD display, but for now I can live with that. I have insurance thorugh AT&T, but the Blackberry Bold have a $125 dollar deductible.

I still have not tried everything, like taking pictures, but the phone is charging fine, phone calls and text messages work, etc. Honestly I am amazed that it survived at all.


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