One month until Connect 2014 – Don’t miss the Sunday sessions!

It is now exactly one month until Connect 2014 (the conference formerly know as Lotusphere) starts. On Sunday, January 26 there will be a number of JumpStart, Master Class and Show ‘n Tell sessions. Those sessions are longer than the regular sessions in the following days, at 90 120 minutes instead of 60 minutes.
If you haven’t made arrangements for your travel yet, I would highly recommend that you attend some of the sessions on Sunday. Is you arrive on Saturday, you can also attend the social events that day, including a soccer/football game before lunch, BALD (Bloggers and friends Annual Lotusphere Dinner) in the afternoon and the ESPN party in the evening. Be social!

JumpStart sessions
These are sessions intended to get you up and running on technologies or subjects that may be new to you. They can also help you prepare for the more in-depth sessions during the rest of the week. In the past, I have attended jumpstart sessions on XPages, which really helped me later during the week. At Connect 2014 there will be sessions about using Java for XPages development and about SAML administration.

Master Class
This is a more in-depth session, intended for anyone who already knows at least the basics on a particular subject. Here the experts dig deeper into the technical side, and help you increase yoru skills to the next level. In the past, I have attended master class sessions on subjects like CSS and administration/server monitoring. At Connect 2014, you have sessions about everything from IBM Connections troubleshooting to how to create a great XPages user interface.

Show ‘n Tell
These are sessions filled with slides and/or live demonstration of a specific technology. It could be everything from deployment of Traveler to XPages development.


You can read more about the Sunday sessions at Connect 2013 on my blog from Connect 2013 at

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  1. Keith Brooks

    Jump Starts are 120 minutes, 2 whole hours.I know because I am presenting one on the benefits of IBM Sametime Softphone or as we used to know it, SUTLite.

  2. Palmi

    I will try to be there @ soccer/football game

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      Looking forward to see you! I won’t make it to the soccer game, but I will be at BALD for sure!

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