And I am up and running!

Downloaded the Notes client with Domino Designer and Administrator, installed it on top of the public beta from December in a viritual machine (with 1GB memory). Install went without any problems, and the client starts up fine. All settings and bookmarks were preserved from the beta.

IBM Notes 9.09 Social Edition
My workspace in IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition

It just works.

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  1. Nick Halliwell

    I uninstalled Notes 9 beta and then re installed, zero problems but,how did you get your work space to look like that in the Notes client?

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      I did not even uninstall the beta. 🙂
      That is the default look, I only changed the colors of the tabs, as the IBM designers who created the default colors once upon a time must have been color blind. 🙂 Make sure you uncheck “Use textured workspace”, otherwise it will look like in Notes 8.x…

  2. Nick Halliwell

    Cheers Mate, unticking textured workspace did it. The only issue I see is that the background does need a bit of colour. Remember a company did a program that allows you to replace various aspects of the workspace, I think it was panagenda. I will try the upgrade from the Beta on another machine I have.

    You must be up late must be, what 11.00 PM?

    Thanks anyway.

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      Glad you solved it! Yeah, I would have liked to see a little bit color as well, or a shade/hint darker gray. Right, Panagenda sells MarvelClient which let you change the look of the Notes client.

      Yeah, it is 11pm here (or 23:00, since I like 24 hour notation). About to hit the bed…

  3. Nick Halliwell

    I see there is a Domino 32 bit version but says it only supported on a 63 Bit Machine, My main, personal, server (which is hosted) is Win 2003 32Bit. I really dont fancy upgrading it, but guess I have no option?

    I am in Thailand so we are exactly 12 hours ahead of your, lovey sunny day and as hot as hell. I live about 8 Km from teh beach, but almost never go there (:>)

      1. Nick Halliwell

        Thats my man, someone who has the guts to just do it, you must be a Nike man.

        Ok I will try over the weekend.

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