“Migrate from legacy systems like Outlook/Exchange to IBM Notes”

At Connect/Lotusphere 2013 IBM was showing up a migration tool for Notes/Domino 9.0, used to move users “from legacy systems like Outlook/Exchange to the world class mail and collaboration platform Notes/Domino”.

I don’t think I posted this recording on my blog before. Enjoy!

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  1. Bruce Elgort

    So Outlook and Exchange are legacy yet Notes is not? I’m not getting it.

  2. Henning Heinz

    Well I recently had the “pleasure” to move some Exchange 2003 users to IBM Domino 9 (yes I still cannot believe this but it really happened). Now, the tool that came with Domino 9 for server side migrations is called Domino Upgrade Services (DUS). It is still part of the current setup, looked a bit different and guess what did not work at all (well ok it moved some messages around but then decides that it is better to crash now).
    Now I was curious and thought that getting on the nerves of IBM support is a good idea. Unfortunately IBM support first had never heard of DUS and when I finally got someone who at least knew that this tool exists (I had to send them a manual, written by an IBM employee describing this tool) it came clear that it is broken since at least 8.5 and not going to be fixed anytime soon (while he mentioned that there might be a new tool coming with no official date announced).
    So with no working server side migration tool available from IBM I finally did my job using CMT for Notes from Binary Tree. Fortunately, although they are now big in migrations away from Notes, they still offer their old tool for those poor lost souls who need it the other way around (and it did the job way better than DUS).
    The last person I had spoken with at IBM support really, really tried his best to assist me and was very competent (although he was not able to solve my problem).

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