Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft today released the latest version of their development environment Visual Studio. There are even free versions, including the complete IDE Visual Studio Community and the code editor Visual Studio Code (available for Widnows, Linux and OSX).

Visual Studio now includes even more tools for cross platform mobile development for iOS  and Android. There is even an Android emulator included. The web development part supports tools and frameworks like Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, Backbone and Django.

And naturally the IDE also supports Windows, including Windows 10 (expected to be released at the end of the month).

I have been using tools in the Visual Studio family for many years, I started with a beta of Visual Basic 1.0 a long time ago, and used all version up to and including VB 6.0. I also played around some with Visual C++ and even Visual J++. After that I focused mainly on Lotus Notes development, but recently I have started some C#/.NET projects at work using Visual Studio Community 2013.

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