LS12 Session Proposal – Error 500 when submitting

I just tried to submit a session for Lotusphere 2012. I filled out the form, and pressed the "next" button as instructed.

This is the result:

Error 500

I know a few good Notes/Domino developers out there that could create a working form quickly… 🙂


Update: I called the support number on the page and was asked to mail a screenshot. I did and they said it worked when they tested, but it still did not work for me. There is documentation about the error here. The documentation indicates that it has to do with data being too long, or wrong data type. All fields on the form are below the posted limits (close, but at or below). 997 characters for the main abstract, 350, 347 and 328 characters for the three bullet points and 92 characters for the title.
Hint to the developer of the form: best practices is to do validation before submission, especially if the server will blow up if anything is invalid…


Update 2: I was finally able to submit it this afternoon. Not sure if it was because I used Firefox (unlikely, since it seemed to be a server issue) or if IBM fixed it.


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