Lightbox Plus – Thanks Bob Balfe!

Earlier today, Bob Balfe wrote a blog post about installing Lightbox Plus on his blog. I decided to test it on this blog as well, and I really like it. I might make the images I post slightly smaller in the future, as the plugin does not scale down the full-size image is it is larger than the browser window.

Installing the plugin was as easy as it could be. I just selected “Add New”, searched for the plugin,clicked the install button and then activated it. There was a warning that the plugin might not work with the newer version of WordPress I am running, but it all worked for me without any issue. I did not even have to configure anything, the images started showing up in the lightbox automatically. There are a few settings, mainly for the style of the lightbox. But you don’t even need to touch that if you don’t want.

Thanks Bob for posting about this!

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  1. Bob Balfe

    You are welcome! And thanks for the reference link!

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