Stock images for blogs, websites or applications

Most of the images I publish on this blog, use on my websites or use in applications I create are created by myself. But sometimes I need a stock image of some kind, for example of hands typing on a keyboard and the bands in the corner of the featured post images. Sometimes I find free images/graphics, but sometimes I want something special or don’t have the time to search badly designed free websites.

There are many commercial websites that offer stock photos, but I started using recently. I find the site easy to use, I can pre-purchase credits (as few as 10 at a time), and the cost of the images in different sizes are clearly marked.

Earlier today I purchased and downloaded higher resolution versions of the Swedish and Texas flags, so I could recreate my logo in higer resolution. This way I also know that the logo is 100% legit, as I don’t remember where I got the images I used previously.

The site sell both photos and vecor clipart, below is a skyline of Stockholm I downloaded a while back for another project. There are similar skylines for many other cities as well.

Try the site out and see what you think.

Disclaimer:  The link to is my affiliate link, but since my application still is pending, I don’t know if it will make a difference.

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