I'm back.

I have not been blogging very much lately, and i feel bad about it.
The Lotus community have given me a lot through the years,both technical information and entertainment, and I want to giveback.
So the next couple of weeks I intend to be more active, and to publishcode, thoughts and hopefully entertaining information as well.
Feedback is always appreciated, even if I knowcomments only works for BleedYellowmembers. However, mail to TexasSwede@gmail.com also works.
There are several reasons I have not been blogging very much. After Lotusphere I was worn out, and then I was innundated with work.Sunday, the day after arriving in Orlando, I got a text message from one of my two managers telling me she was no longer with the company. She was the business process expert, and the one that knew the claims process the best. So suddenly I lost all her knowledge, and of course very little was documented. I now had to work directly with the claims users and managers, gathering information about their workflow, processes and requirements that I previously were handed on a silver platter. So my code output have suffered, of course.
I have also been involved in several new projects, some of them very important. For example, new legislation require us to submit certian information about certain claimants to the MediCare administration. The penalty is $1,000.00 per claim per day we are not in compliance. That is a lot of money. So for obvious reasons, I had to focus a lot of my attention on this.
However, I also had time to work on some other (more fun) projects, and I intend to blog about themsoon.


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