I am back…

Well, plenty of things going on since I got back from Lotusphere and not much time (or energy) for blogging….
Part of the office moved to a different location a few miles away, about 100 users were moved to Citrix and Notes 7.0.2 as a result of this, and several servers were upgraded to Domino 7.0.2.

I got an upper respiratory infection after Lotusphere, took me about 2 weeks to get well. Went on a cruise to Mexico the week before the move (was planned way before the dates of the move was set), so that added to the stress… Felt like I was deserting the rest of the team, even if I was not that involved in teh actual move as a developer. And finally I finished an article for The View.

Well, things are slowing down. Some personal issues still have to be solved, that will take some time. But now I should have time for some more blogging.


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