Icon Collection for Notes Applications

As of Notes 8.5.2 the Notes client now support prettyapplication icons, using thePNGformat. A handful of icons have been released on OpenNTF.org by Mary Beth Raven, but I have been looking for more.
I found a nice set of icons yesterday, and I thought they might look good as application icons.Imailed the page owner where I found them to find out moreThe icons were purchased from IconExperience, a full set of the X-Collection (XP look) is $289 and the V-Collection (Vista/Windows 7 look) is $379.I consider that a very good price.
In the mean time,I decided to just try some of the iconson a couple of my existing databases. I think it really makes a huge difference. See below for a sample.I believe I am covered under Fair Use when publishing this screenshot since this only are 8 of the 2,400 icons in the collection.
I think the important thing is to getthe look ofthe icons consistent, not mix different looks. I happen to know that The Lotusphere Widow plan to design some icons in the near future,that will match the icons posted on OpenNTF.So keep your eyes open…
PNG Icons in Lotus Notes 8.5.2
To clarify, the upper row in each sectionare the applications, and the row below are the templates.
In previous versions of Domino Designer I used a solid red background colorbehind the icons to indicate templates, that would be a nice enhancement in un upcoming version of Domino designer, to have the chicklets in a different color for templates.


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