How to NOT get fired…


Seems like Melanie’s husband Chuck now is taking responsibility.

One of the comments further down have an interesting point/explanation:

I do DSL support for a major ISP. I think I can guess how Mr. Kroll came to send the e-mail from his wife´s account”…”.

Many businesses (and quite a few individuals) use e-mail client programs, typically various versions of Outlook and Outlook Express on MSwindows machines or MacMail on Mac OS X machines. If you have multiple e-mail adresses in one of these programs, one of them will be tagged as "default" and, unless changed when you send an e-mail, the default address will be used as the "from" address for any e-mail.

At a guess Mrs. Kroll´s machine was set up this way and Mr. Kroll?n his rage?orgot to change the from address. Understandable, in a stupid sort of way, but poor setup in any case.

On any reasonbly modern machine (WinXP, Vista, Mac OS X, Linux), access can be separated by login account and mail clients can be set differently for each account in order to prevent something like that?t least to extent that the error would be sending e-mail inadvertently from ones own work account, rather than that of someone else.

Perhaps worth to point out is that if you use the Lotus Notes client for your email, you don’t have the same problem, even if you have Notes setup to be your default mail client. If Notes is not running, you get a login prompt asking you for password, and you see the name of the user. Of course you don’t give your spouse the password to your work mail.

But in most cases I would assume that you don’t use Notes as default mail client for mailto links. I have Gmail setup for that, using Gmail Notifier. So to send work mail, I login to the Notes client, and to send mail to addresses found on web pages, I use Gmail.


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