New project – Ubuntu at home

Last night Istarted a new project at home. The other day I wiped my son’s computer, running Ubuntu 9.04 and installed the new version, 9.10 Karmic Koala. I got everything working, so I thought I would try something new. Since Erik mostly go to Youtube, Wikipedia and some educational sites, he does normally not need Windows. But he have some Windows-based games (mainly MS Flight Simulator)he like to play, so I thought it would be nice if he could play them on his computer instead ofusing mine. So I installed VMware Workstation on the computer, and it worked really good. I quickly copied a Windows 98(!)virtual machineover to his system and it loaded up without any problems. I am now in the process of building a Windows XP VM for him.
So obviously the next thought was: "Why don’t I do this on my main computer?".It is about time to reinstall the system anyway, it has been a year and the system is starting to run slower. Many of the things I do on a daily basis I can do in Ubuntu. And if I create a couple of virtual Windows XP machines, I can even separate different invironments from each other.
The plan is to get a new drive and install Ubuntu on it, then add VMware. I plan to have one clean Windows XP VM, which I can use as a base system. Then I will build one where I install Photoshop, Sony Vegas and DVD Architect, DVDshrink, Nero (yes, I know there are tools in Ubuntu to burn CD/DVD, but I have the impression Nero have more functionality, and it integrates with DVD Architect and DVDshrink) and a few more related tools. Another VM will contain development tools (Eclipse, Notes 8.5.1 with Domino Designer and Administrator, perhaps Visual Studio Express). If I want to test some new programs,I just load up a new VM, test it and delete afterwards if I am not happy.
So tonight I will finish testing the setup on my son’ts computer, and then I will start preparing my main computer. I will have to cleanup or get a drive where I can install Ubuntu, with enough space for a number of VM images.
Will see how much I will break. 🙂


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