How to find me at Lotusphere

QR-Code-Contact-URL I will be using several social networks while at Lotusphere. I just signed up for Gowalla, but I use Foursquare more. I am of course on twitter and Facebook, and you can message me there. But the easiest way is to mail me at, directly to my Blackberry.

I am arriving Saturday a little after noon, and will be joining BALD at Big River Grille around 15:00. That’s 3.00pm for you Americans, or when Mickey’s big hand point at 12 and his little hand point at 3. 🙂 I will also be at ESPN late that evening, at a number of JMP sessions on Sunday and of course at the welcome reception Sunday evening.

When I know my schedule better, I will post it. As I go as media/blogger, I get my meeting schedule when I arrive, or sometimes not until Sunday.




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