HCL Volt – A new Leap for Domino!

This Monday HCL released HCL Volt for Domino, their entry into the no-code/low-code market. This is a tool that allows the non-developers (a.k.a. Citizen Developers) at a company to build their own applications without having to write any code at all. Later the application can be enhanced with code, perhaps by someone in IT, but a power user, or even a regular user with some knowledge of Excel will quickly feel at home in Volt.

Volt for Domino requires a server with Domino 11 or higher, but the user and developer only needs a web browser, no development tools needs to be installed.

I have created a short video where I am demonstrating how you in a few minutes can take a spreadsheet someone sent you and automagically transform it into a real database application, without one single line of code!

Please let me know what you think about the video, it is my first attempt in this format. I was originally planning comments as voice-over, but I was unable to get my microphone to be loud enough. So I decided to put my comments as sub-titles instead.


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  1. zafer

    I like the music….and the video itself of course. Very straightforward from an spreadsheet to an application! thx

  2. Daniel

    Great presentation, thanks! Questinons: Is there a Domino Volt api? Any plans to have a graphic interface to build workflows?

    1. Andy Porter

      Yes, visual workflows are in plan (normal disclaimer, as always, subject to change) for Domino 12. As for APIs – they are Domino Apps that are being produced.

      1. With regards to presumably “normal” Domino apps produced by Volt, Karl-Henry would you mind contacting me via Skype ID “notestracker” at your convenience? I’m in Melbourne (Australia) in time zone UTC + 10, so pick a time that suits you.

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