Call 32-bit COM Objects from 64-bit Domino

We all know that when you upgrade your Domino environment from 32-bit to 64-bit, any COM objects you use will not work anymore. You thn need to get and install a 64-bit version of the COM object.

But what if there is no 64-bit version? Do you have to stay on 32-bit Domino forever? Or rather, stay on Domino 9.x, since Domino 10 (and probably also the upcoming version 11) are 64-bit only.

Perhaps not. I found this article that describes how to use a 32-bit COM object in a 64-bit environment, like Domino 10. I have not had time to test it myself, but I will probably try it this weekend.

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  1. Brendan Long

    Thanks for posting this – I’m keen to find out how it went for you. I have a similar situation with a Domino server that I’m loathe to upgrade due to a dependency on a 32-bit library that is used heavily by an important application, and it’s starting to get a little bit too far down the legacy path as time goes on.

  2. Chris

    We had that situation and used that solution quite successfully. In our case we had the same COM object installed on most of our Domino servers so I created a REG file that we just ran on each server.

    See code below. Just change the Xs to your own specific CSLID


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





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