Diary of a Lotusphere Widow – continued

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Excerpt from Saturday’s entry:

So here it is day one of Lotusphere ?at least as far as I´m concerned. I realize the festivities don´t actually start today, but today is when my Beloved takes off for Florida into this unknown behemoth cult party that involves a lot of alcohol and nerding out on badass topics. It like Woodstock, except ?nowledge´ is the drug that is washed down with alcohol. How I wish Adobe held conferences like this ?from what I understand nobody parties like IBM does. At least, that´s what I remember when I worked for IBM years ago ?right, Jeff? [A particular IBMer took me out for dinner and drinks when he came to Dallas in the mid 90s. He’s a high profile computer consultant from NJ’s location that worked with some very prominent clients in NYC and elsewhere. Jeff knows how to party IBM-style, and that’s all I’m going to say.]

So here it is day 1 of Lotusphere (for us), and as I´m scheming and starving, I´m reading his Twitter updates of Kobe burgers and beer ?as well as imagining all the other goodies and alcohol he´s ingesting. Sigh.


Don’t miss Friday’s entry.

So after work we head over to dinner. I didn´t realize that all of Lotusphere would be joining us via B.B.T.FB.C. [BlackBerry Twitter Facebook Conference]. Our chat at dinner included his packing list (for the n^x time), and every update for every person that checked-in through Twitter/Facebook/blogs/whispered into the ether”…”. My Beloved went name by name, explained who they were, and what they were doing. It was like some convoluted, extended family tree gossip session. I had dinner with some very important people last night (“…”and apparently most of them were very thirsty.. hm..).

Dinner is finished and we make it back home. We´re doing the packing thing ?making sure he has everything, folding the last minute items ?you know the drill. So I´m working on a shirt of his when I say to him, "Hey Hon, when you get to Orlando, please let me know you landed safely."

Without missing a beat, he actually said, "Just follow me on Twitter."


[insert one Girlfriend Look of Death]

"”…”er, OF COURSE I´ll text you!"




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