CollabSphere 2019 – Less than five weeks left!

If you haven’t registered yet for CollabSphere in Boston, time is starting to run out. The conference starts in less than five (5)  weeks, and the special price for the rooms at the conference hotel is only guaranteed until October 4.

If you haven’t been to CollabSphere, or its predecessor MWLUG, you have been missing out. It is a very inexpensive confernece (only $100 this year, thanks to generous sponsors), with high quality speakers for the sessions and workshops. The opportunity to network with other customers, business partners and representatives from IBM/HCL is incredibly valuable, in my opinion. There are both organized and impromptu social events during the conference, as well as before and after for the ones arriving early or leaving late.

If you are in the New England area, there is no reason you should not attend CollabSphere, now when it is taking place on HCL’s home turf, where many of the developers live and work.

With Domino 11 coming out at the end of the year, I am sure we can expect some very interesting and exciting announcements at this year’s conference. And don’t miss HCL Day on Monday, with a large number of sessions covering everything from their Cloud Program, the changes to licensing, the HCL Customer Advocacy Program, and much more.

I hope to see you at CollabSphere, especially at my session on Tuesday at 2.00pm, where I will talk about Node-RED and show some cool things you can do with it.





Six Days Left…

I have finished the slides for my presentation at CollabSphere in Ann Arbor next week. I just have a little more code to add to demo database, and perhaps throw in a bonus or two…

My session will be next Wednesday (July 24) at 9am in Grande III.  There are still a few seats available for CollabSphere 2018. The cost is only $100 for 3 days of presentations, workshops, and networking, This is great value for the money!
Don’t miss the latest from IBM and HCL on Notes and Domino 10, Nomad and probably a surprise or two.



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I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe…

This last week about 50 other specially invited people visited HCL America in Chelmsford, MA for a tour of their Collaboration Workflow Platforms (CWP) office. I was one of the lucky ones, and for two days we got to meet many of the engineers at HCL and see what they were working on around Notes and Domino. There are some parts that are under NDA, but I will talk about what I am allowed to mention.

We got to play with the latest build of Notes 10, compiled that same morning. It included some of the new Lotusscript classes we have heard about before, like the NotesHTTPRequest class and NoteJSONParser class. That functionality had just been added in right before our visit (it is not available in the private beta that was released a few weeks ago), but when I tested it (yes, we got to play with the code right there!) it worked perfectly.

This is a testament to the skills of the HCL developers. Most of them came over from IBM, and you probably know many by name. But there were also new-hires, and HCL is looking to fill many more positions in the US. The investments HCL is doing in this is impressive, and the whole atmosphere was extremely positive and filled with excitement.

We were split up into smaller groups and were treated to a number of very interactive presentations of the directions taken in different areas. The biggest focus was on application development, and with the addition of support for node.s to the platform and the new classes in Lotusscript, the engineers were visibly excited to be able to show off what they have accomplished.

The HCL developers have the right to be excited and proud. We were treated to two major announcements. The first one is a new extremely fast query language called DGQF (Domino General Query Facility). It is not an add-on, but part of the core code. It will be available in Notes/Domino 10, and can be called from everywhere, using Lotusscript, Java, Formula, and Javascript. Initially the searches can be made only in one database at a time, but in the future there will be support for multi-database searches.
At CollabSphere 2018 in just over a week, there will be presentations on DGQF. If you have’t registered yet, do it now. You don’t want to miss this!

The second announcement is under NDA for now, but I would expect for something exciting to be announced at CollabSphere, as well as at later conferences like ICON UK in September.

So stay updated by attending user group conferences during the fall, leading up to the release of Domino 10 at some day in some month, who may or may not contain a 10. I am very excited about the future of Notes and Domino!



My session at CollabSphere 2018

My session Elementary! – Consume Watson Services using Node-RED and Domino 10 has been accepted at CollabSphere 2018. It has been scheduled for first thing in the morning on Wednesday, July 25 at 9.00 am.

During my presentation, I will show how you can integrate IBM Watson into both Notes applications and web applications. You will see how you can use the new Lotusscript classes for HTTP and JSON in Notes/Domino 10. These classes will be used to connect to IBM Cloud, where a Node-RED instance will be used to consume Watson services. By using just a few lines of Javascript, we will translate text between different languages, as well as converting text to speech.

CollabSphere will be a great learning opportunity, especially if you are interested in node.js and how it will be integrated into the upcoming Domino 10. There are a number of sessions focusing on Node.js and Node-RED, and I highly encourage every Notes developer to attend them. Here are just some of the sessions:

This three-day conference will immerse you in an intensive exchange of knowledge and fun with other members of the ICS community. If you have not registered yet, it is about time.  Note that the guaranteed room rate will only be available for one more week.

I hope to see you in Ann Arbor, MI in a few weeks.


CollabSphere 2018 – Still time to submit abstracts

The deadline for submissions of session abstracts for CollabSphere 2018 has been extended to Sunday, June 3. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge with the community. Register on the brand new CollabSphere website. The link is

This year we can expect a number of session on technologies more or less new to the Domino community, for example Node.js and React.js, as well as what’s new in the upcoming Notes and Domino 10. So if you haven’t registered for Collabsphere yet, take this opportunity to register and experience the learning atmosphere, networking and a lot of fun.

Hope to see you in Ann Arbor in July for the 10th MWLUG/CollabSphere conference!




CollabSphere 2018 – Registration is Open

The conference formally known as MWLUG (Mid-West Lotus User Group) is now renamed CollabSphere. This year the conference will be held in Ann Arbor, MI on July 23-25.

Visit the brand new website at to learn more, to register for this very cost-efficient conference, or why not submit an abstract for a session?

I have been attending MWLUG for several years myself, and it is an excellent conference. High quality speakers presenting over 50 sessions and workshops, networking with representatives from IBM as well as with presenters and other attendees and an exhibit floor where sponsors and vendors are showing their products and services.

With IBM expanding its portfolio of products and services, and with the new innovations in the rejuvenated  Notes and Domino product line, this will be the conference to attend this summer. Expect some exciting news to be presented at CollabSphere, and to see more of the latest version of Domino, due to be released in the second half of 2018.

I hope to see you at CollabSphere, and perhaps even see you present!


My MWLUG presentation: Elementary!

Yesterday I presented at MWLUG, and I want to share my presentation with both the ones attending and anyone who was not able to be there. I am posting two version, one with just the slides, and one with speaker notes, where I tried to capture the content, if not the exact verbiage of the session.

I hope to be able to post the demo database with the code later this week or early next week.


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My presentation at MWLUG

Tomorrow, August 8, you are welcome to attend my presentation “Elementary!” at MWLUG 2017. In about 45 minutes I will show how to easily incorporate Watson functionality in your own applications, both on the web and in your Notes client applications.

I will be using Node-RED and IBM BlueMix to do this, and I think many will be surprised how easy it is, and how little code is needed. For example I will implement translation from English to Spanish with two (2) lines of server side code. To call this from the web you just need another handful of lines.

I hope to see you tomorrow at 5pm!


Will I see you at MWLUG?

It is less than 2 weeks left to MWLUG 2017, an outstanding Conference that I will be attending for the third year. This will also be the third year I will be speaking, and this time it will be a brand new presentation. My session, AD103, will be on Tuesday, August 8 at 5pm.

I hear that there are still a couple of openings left. If you have attended a previous MWLUG conference you are entitled to 25% off the registration fee of $100. But even at $100 this is a great deal, with over 50 sessions and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Register, and I will see you in two weeks in Alexandria, VA!


A few openings left for MWLUG 2017 

There are a a few openings available for MWLUG in a couple of weeks. The conference is taking place August 8-10 in Alexandria, VA. It is shaping up to be a great experience, with over 50 sessionstwo free workshops  as well as social events and two round table discussions with IBM on the future of development. Among the many great presenters you will find 20 IBM Champions, as well as several IBMers.

The early bird registration has expired, but if you are a previous attendee, you get $25 off the regular price of $100. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t miss out on this great conference!

I hope to see you at MWLUG. My session Elementary – Incorporating BlueMix, Node-RED and Watson in Domino applications will be Tuesday, August 8 at 5pm.


MWLUG 2017 – Be There!

This year’s MWLUG conference will take place in Alexandria, VA. During the three day conference more than 50 sessions and two free workshops will be offered. All this for just $75.

This year the conference starts a day earlier than usual, on a Tuesday. But everything you are used to from the previous years will be there. Keynotes, sessions, workshops, breakfast and lunch, receptions, networking events, access to experts, and much more. A new even for this year is Linuxfest, known from Lotusphere/IBM Connect. It is again hosted by Bill Malchisky together with a (as of now) secret guest speaker.

You can register for MWLUG 2017 here.


More time for your MWLUG abstract submission

Richard Moy, organizer of MWLUG, has extended the deadline for submission of abstract submission another week, until Friday, June 2.

So if you haven’t gotten around to submit an abstract yet, you have a few more days to come up with a good subject to present at this years MWLUG conference, taking place on August 8-10 in Washington, DC.

Registration is also open. Don’t miss out on a great conference!



MWLUG Submssion Deadline

You have just over 3 days left to submit a session abstract for MWLUG 2017. The deadline is on Friday, May 26 at 5pm Central time.

If you don’t want to speak, registration is also open to this excellent conference. This year it takes place August 8-10 at Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA. Expect a packed schedule with great sessions and speakers.

This is one of the must-attend conferences in the US for anyone working with the ICS (IBM Collaborative Software) family of products.


My MWLUG presentation

I have been very busy ever since the MWLUG conference in Austin, but now you can finally view my presentation and download the sample code. Enjoy!



I will post the code for my Phonegap Demo next week.

Reminder: you need to sign the database (or at least all the agents) with an ID who has the rights to run agents, or the Ajax calls will not return anything.

If you are interested in having your Notes applications modernized and moved to the web, feel free to contact me at


Are you in Texas? Do you work with ICS products? Then you should read this!

If you are located in Texas and work with the IBM Collaboration Software products (Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections and BlueMix) either on-premises or in the cloud, you now have a unique opportunity on August 17-19. MWLUG is coming to Austin. The conference is only $75 to attend, for 2 1/2 days of session and networking. There are 52 session scheduled, many of them presented by IBMers, top business partners and IBM Champions.

So if you are local, take this opportunity to learn what is coming in the ICS area, and perhaps learn a few new things about the products you already use. There will also be vendors present showing tools and products as well, giving you a convenient overview of what tools are available on the market.

I hope to see a number of fellow Texans in Austin in four weeks!


MWLUG in Austin – I will be presenting again

I have been selected to present at MWLUG in Austin on August 17-19. My presentation will be kind of part two of my presentation last year in Atlanta. It will focus less on the basics and go more into the fun and more advanced stuff. Kind of an extended version of my Connect 2016 presentation.

The title is “Think Outside The Box – Part 2”, and I will discuss and show how you can build a modern web front-end using standard techniques like Javascript/jQuery and frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile and have it work against a Domino backend. I will demonstrate how to easily read data from and write data to the Domino database, and how to consume data using free plugins like BootstrapTable and FullCalendar.

I will also discuss the difference between JSON and JSONP and why the latter usually is better when building this type of integration. You will leave with a sample database containing the source code all the demos I will be showing as well as Lotusscript script libraries with classes I built to easily build agents that will interact with the website.

The idea is that you should be able to attend my session in Austin even if you haven’t seen any previous presentation. I will assume you have basic web design skills (HTML, CSS and a working understanding of Javascript) but you don’t have to be an expert at all. I also recommend some Lotusscript knowledge, as I will be providing all attendees with plenty of code to bring home and start using yourself.

I hope to see you in Austin in August! If you haven’t registered yet, go ahead and do it now! There are still seats left.


Registration for MWLUG is open!

MWLUG ( Mid-West Lotus User Group) is a user group event that thakes place in different cities every year. They started in the Mid-west, hence the name, but in 2016 the conference will take place in Austin, TX on August 17-19.

Registration is now open, and the fee for this 3-day conference is only $75. Yes, you read that right, the conference is practically free. You just pay for your travel and lodging. So go ahead and register!

I was able to attend MWLUG for the first time 2015 in Atlanta, and Richard Moy and his team delivered a first rate event. I have no doubt that the 2016 conference will be at least as good. So if you can go, take this opportunity. I expect that there will be many excellent presentations again this year.


Some upcoming conferences

IBM Connect is not the only conference that you should attend if you are interested in the IBM collaboration/social platforms, there are many other spread out over different continents, and many of them are even free. You just pay your travel and hotel.

Next one up is Engage (formerly BLUG) arranged by Theo Heselmans and his team. This year it takes place in Eindhove, the Netherlands on March 23-24. There are less than 20 seats left for this free event with world class speakers, many of them are IBM Champions. Inhi Cho Suh, the new GM of IBM Collaboration Solutions, will be speaking at the Opening General Session together with Suzanne Livingston, Christ Crummey and Sarah Gibbons, all from IBM. There are five tracks with sessions, and if you look at the agenda I am sure you will find plenty to choose from. Theo always put on a great conference, I really wish I was able to attend! Update: there will be 43 IBM Champions attending, 33 of which will be presenting!

On April 11-13 you have EntwicklerCamp in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. This conference, which has been taking place for many years and I have heard much good about, is arranged by Rudy Knegt and the cost is €1499 for the three day conference. If you look at the agenda, you will see that there are sessions not only in German but also in English. Many of the sessions are presented by IBM Champions.

ICON US (formerly IamLUG) did not take place last year, but in 2016 Chris Miller and his team is back with a two day vertual conference. It takes place May 9-10 and you can register here. Seats (even if they are virtual) are limited.

Social Connections 10 is taking place in Toronto, Canada this year, June 6-7. Keynote speakers are Luis Suarez and Alan Lepofsky. As the name indicates, this conference focuses on IBM Connections. Early bird registration ends on April 1, and the cost is CA$229.00 while the regular price is $CA269.00.

Then there is MWLUG, this year taking place in Austin on August 17-19. Richard Moy and his team did a great job in Atlanta in 2015, and I am looking forward to this years conference. This is an “almost free”  conference, the fee is $75 but don’t be fooled to think it is a cheap conference. Don’t miss out on some excellent content!

So go to some user conferences, be social and learn amazing new things!




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