8 hours left to Domino 10

It is now just 8 hours until IBM and HCL will unveil the brand new version of the collaboration platform Domino. On October 9, at 10:15 CEST, the audience at Think Germany in Frankfurt, Germany will be the first to see the new version of Domino and Notes 10. The next day, October 10,there will be launch events all around the world.

Personally I am very excited about this launch. It has been 5 years since the last major version was released. In 2017 IBM switched from numbered releases to feature releases, keeping the version number 9.0.1 even when new features were added. This of course confused customers, who got the impression that Notes and Domino were in maintenence mode, with plans to eventually disbanding the product.

After HCL took over the development of the platform last year, the (in my opinion) smart decision was made to change the version number, to make it clear to the market that it is a brand new version, and that development is continuing.

A number of the new features in Domino 10 have already been demonstrated and talked about, but I am sure IBM and HCL have been holding out on some exciting features, and I am looking forward to hear about it tomorrow and on Wednesday.

Join the live streams, if you can’t attend in person. You can find them at https://www.ibm.com/collaboration/ibm-domino.

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  1. chy

    Not even a mentioning on IBM’s homepage 🙁

    1. Karl-Henry Martinsson

      There has been a lot of information on the Destination Domino site, and now after the release, there is a lot of yellow on the IBM.com home page. 🙂
      IBM Homepage on November 10, 2018

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