Vanity domains and personal website

My onlinehandle have been "TexasSwede" for a number of yearsnow. I have seen one or two other "TexasSwede"around the internet as well, so the other week I started wonderingif the domainst or perhaps were available. I already have, but I don’t have any real web presence there.
I did a quick search and found that both the domains were in fact available. I quickly snatched them up, togther with, and pointed them to my Domino server at home.
A couple of days later I decided to rebuild my personal website from scratch. I added some code to identify what domain people were trying to access, and serving up different logodepending on the site.
Right now I am trying to find a good menu system to use. I want one where I can very simply add items to a menu using javascript. I have been looking at YUI Menu, but it is not exactly what I am looking for. Close, though. As the site will be driven by a Domino database, I want to be able to use a (categorized) view to generate the menu. Most menu systems require closing tags or similar, which is hard to do in a view. I know I found a perfect menu system last year, but I lost the bookmark, or I forgot to bookmark it.
If anyone have a good suggestion, I would appreciate it. What I am looking for is a menu where I can simply add items like this:
AddItem("Menu","Item Label", "/mylink.html");
I also plan to start learning Xpages soon, when I get the time. But for now I work in "classic" Notes/Domino, as that is what we use at work.

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