"Use care, edges may be sharp"

Saturday 2 weeks ago, I was cleaning off my livingroom table. Had some trash there from the previous evening, some wrappers from my dinner, a Subway sandwich. There was also the lid from a can of pineapples, the kind that you just pop off. I found out the hard way that the edges of the lid in fact are razor sharp… I put the lid together with the rest of the trash (paper). As I often do, I crumbled the wrappers together whileI started to walk back towards the kitchen and the trash can. Bad idea. The lidmade a nice clean cut into the palm of my right hand.

I started rinsing it off, and got some band aid out of the cabinet in the kitchen. Imade some paper towels into a ball and squeezed it with my hand to stop the bleeding somewhat, and avoid getting more blood on the floor. I then suddenly started feeling a bit dizzy and leaned over the sink to be able to stay on my feet. The next think I know was me laying on the kitchen floor, looking up at my worried 8 year old son who was with me over the weekend. I then went to the home office to get my cell phone, and actually passed out once more…

Eventually I felt better, and I rinsed the cut off, used hydrogen peroxide to desinfect the wound, and then glued the wound together using Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue (super glue), which I use for model building, but is also used in the hospitals today instead of stitches.

Below are two pictures, one right after I glued myself together and put some surgical tape on to cover the wound, and one the next day, when it was pretty much closed up and cleaned off.A week later, there was just a small scab, and today there is just a small nice scar. Perhaps I should switch to a career as surgeon? It does not seem to be that complicated, much easier that learning Java. 🙂




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