The best Cognac I ever had

Delamain Vesper 

Theo just blogged about some wine and single malt whisky, which reminded me about a blog entry I had planned to write last week, but then work came inbetween.
Recently my best friend from growing up came over from London on a business trip, so I picked him up at the airportand we went to have dinner at Capital Grille in Dallas. The food was good, if not as good as at Nick and Sam’s where we went at a previous visit. But still good.
After dinner I had a Cognac. I am usually more a single malt person, but on occasion I enjoy a good cognac as well. Capital Grille did not have any really exciting single malts, so I decided to the the Delamain Vesper cognac. At $48 for a glass, it was pricey, but worth it! This 35 year old cognacwas incredible smooth, had a great fruit flavor with a hint of vanillaflavor and a very long aftertaste.
I been looking in the local liqour stores for it, but no luck. Even wrote to the importer, who told me no stores inthe DFW areacarry it. They told me to contact their local sales rep/agent for this part of the country to see if I could buy abottle. So when I get back from Lotusphere, I plan to do that.
If you like cognac, I can not recommend this one enough. At between $120 and $199 per bottle (online prices) it is not cheap, though. But I would say it is worth it.


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