Sunday is almost over…

..and it already feels like it used to feel Tuesday evening. It has been a busy and informational day!

I went to three jumpstart sessions:
JMP301 – Understanding Security in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
JMP205 – AJAX and JSON for IBM Lotus Domino Applications
JMP206 – Web Services Bootcamp
Bill Buchan (JMP206) was hillariuos as always, even if he did not wear his kilt this year.

I was intending to do some certification Sunday afternoon, but the lab was already full for the rest of the day. I think it is great that certification now start on Sunday, and that they are upen until 8pm Tuesday and Wednesday.

I also went by the Lotus Stuff Store (this year located over at the Y&B, where the cert labs are as well), and got me a few little gadgets. A 15 dollar USB BlueTooth adapter, a USB extension cable with multiple connectors of different size/shape, and some other (more or less) useful things.
I got a free 4-port USB-hub, came in handy, so I can connect my MP3-player, memory card adapter for my camera, BlueTooth adapter and mouse to one port. 🙂

I also learnd something very cool and interesting that probably will be revealed at the OGS tomorrow. I promised not to tell anyone, but I think it will make some big news.

Oh, and I got my backpack today, as well as my 12-year button from Bob Balaban.




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