Re: Lotusscript: Mail Notification Class – followup

In response to: Lotusscript: Mail Notification Class

I also want to bring attention to how I am using lists in the class. The different sets of recipients (To, CC and BCC) are all stored in lists. The name/email is both the list tag and the value, e.g. p_sendto(“”) = “”.

There are several benefits of using lists. First of all, it is very easy to add items to a list. When using an array you need to redim it (using ReDim Preserve in order not to lose existing data) before adding items.
Secondly, with a list it is trivial to remove one specific item, and you can easily loop though the list and build an array to pass into the fields on the mail document later. It is not nearly as easy to remove items from an array, even if you can clear out an entry and use FullTrim() to remove any empty items.

This is just one more example of how powerful lists are.


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