"Project Ubuntu @ Home" – First Impressions

About two weeks ago I decide to switch my main operating system at home to Ubuntu. By using VMware I was going to be able to run the handful of Windows applications I needed, and at the same time get better security, etc. I had a couple of small problems, that were eventually solved, and now I have been running this setup for a few days.
For the most part I like it. I am still having to look around a bit long for where different things are, I miss being able to right-click on the desktop to change all settings related to it, and instead have to select several different items under System Preferences.
I tried to get Epihpany Empathy working as my IM client, but it did not take/store my different accounts. I then installed Pidgin instead, which works fine. Only problem there is that many nice functions I am used to in Yahoo and MSN Messenger, like webcam support, is not available. I also can’t just drag-and-drop a file to the chat window to send it, I have to click my way through the directories. And Pidgin does not let me browse network drive, just local drives for some reason.
Some websites I visit are clearly more designed for Internet Explorer, but I have not had any real issues with Firefox.
I still have not installed Notes or Domino Designer/Admin. Waiting for my network admin to download 8.5.1 for me. Hope to get that installed soon too.
I have been sick most of the last week, so not been doing that much. But this far I like my new setup.

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