Product Review: Gillette Thermal Face Scrub

This is a non-technology related post, but I wanted to share my experiences with this particular product.

I have always been shaving with a razor and gel, that is how my dad did it and I followed his lead. For the last 20 years, I have been using Gillette products. They simply worked the best for me. YMMV
As a true geek, I have always been using their latest model of razors, and I am currently using the Fusion Proglide Power. A couple of weeks ago, I had to buy new blades (they are getting pretty outrageously expensive, though!), and in the packet I got s small travel size sample of their Thermal Face Scrub.

I have always been very skeptical to that kind of products. Soap and water have worked for me the last 40 years”…” A year or two ago I got a face scrub to use once a twice per week, and even if I have to admit it felt nice, I dis not see a need to get another one when I ran out.
So I tried this sample from Gillette, and it was very interesting. I rinsed my face as usual, then applied a small amount of the product. The skin got nice and warm. I then rinsed it off, according to the instructions, applied the shaving gel I use and shaved.

The result? Well, I almost hate it when the commercials or advertising is correct. But it was a noticeable difference. I shaved at 6.30am, and by 6pm, my face was still as smooth as in the morning.
I had used brand new blades, which might have made a slight difference, so I tested it a few days later by using brand new blades on one side of the face, and some well used (about 1 month) blades on the other side. The difference was hardly noticeable, with of course the side where I used the old blades felt slightly rougher. Still an improvement compared to not using the product.

I do not know if long-term use of this product will have any effect on the skin, but I usually don´t shave during the weekend, allowing the skin to rest. I really like the product and purchased a full size tube a few days later, saving the travel size one for travel.

Disclaimer: Sample received free, purchased full-size product.


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