Notes/Domino future roadmap survey results

Yesterday I created a simple survey to see what people wanted in a future version of Notes/Domino. It was based onEd Brill's post, where he summarized the result of the comments to his request for suggestions on what areas to focus future development of Notes/Domino.

I think the results speak for themselves. But with 74 survey takers, more than two in three want the client performance to be improved, and almost as many want the limitations (32K/64K) removed and teh Notes cleint UI modernized. Rewriting all templates using Xpages and match the templates delivered with Sharepoint was another popular feature, as well as better documenattion and a more stable Domino Designer.
I think the 52% who voted on improving Domino NSF performance mainly were thinking about faster indexing, and moving view index to separate drives, outside the NSF file itself.

The "other" answers were:
* Make Connections free
* Create an AppStore for Domino applications
* Make Deployment easier, as easy as outlook
* Solve the known bugs
* Enhance Linux support


Survey Results

Update: There are still responses coming in, I will update the result as more results come in.


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