Notes developer – not a dead profession!

The last few weeks have been slightly turbulentin the Yellowsphere, with JonVonstarting a discussion about the future of Notes development with his Lotus Notes: The Long Goodbye.
I am lucky enough to have a solid position as aLotus Notes developer at a Dallas-based insurance company. Notes is not going away from here any times soon, as a matter of fact we are moving rapidly towards getting the latest versions. We are just now in the final phase of getting all users on Notes 7. This is done at the same time we are moving most branch offices to Citrix.Very soon we are planning to move everyone up to Notes 8.5.1 as well. Our current plan is to wait about 6 months after the release of a new version to push it out, to let any bugs get fixed.
The exciting newsis that after 8 years at the company asme being theonly Lotus Notes developer,we might even hire anotherdeveloper to help me out, so I canspend more time on the architecture and design, and less onsupport. I spend about 40% of my time (more at times) at supporting end users. I also support the rest of the IT department (mainly the operations manager and the desktop support group) with Notes knowledge when needed.
So there are companies hiring. As soon as there is an official job posting I will publish it here.
So Notes is not dead. As a matter of fact, several of the most important applications here are based on Notes.


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